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What is the difference between sensitive and normal natural deodorant?

What s the difference between sensitive and normal natural deodorant?

Natural deodorant, you've probably seen it pass by now a number of times on our webshop and socials. What exactly is a natural deodorant and what is the difference between a normal deodorant and a natural deodorant for sensitive skin? We get this question a lot from our customers, which is why we are happy to explain it to you!

Everything you want to know about natural deodorant

A natural deodorant is NOT an antiperspirant, which is a good thing since sweating is something natural. Sweating is very important for the temperature regulations of our body and also to be able to get rid of body toxins. Therefore, you don't want to clog your sweat glands with a harsh antiperspirant. Natural Deodorant is the perfect solution and answer! The natural deodorant works on top of your skin and neutralizes the bacteria which cause the unpleasant sweaty smell and at the same time your body is able to release those toxins and regulate your body temperature. Win-Win as we would say. 

Natural Deodorant | Sensitive Deodorant | Natuurlijke Deo | Nourished Daily

Normal VS Sensitive natural deodorant

The difference between a normal natural deodorant and a natural deodorant for sensitive skin can be found in the formulation of the product. The deodorant for normal skin is formulated with the ingredient natrium biocarbonaat which is also known as baking soda. This powerful ingredient has anti-bacterial properties which makes this a perfect combination to fight against stinky sweat odor. Natural deodorant for sensitive skin has absolute no natrium biocarbonaat included in the formulation. Since the baking soda is so extremely powerful, it can sometimes be too strong on the most precious armpits and cause irritations. At Nourished Daily we therefore created the natural deodorant cream without the ingredient baking soda so it is perfectly soft for even the most sensitive skin types. This cream consists of the lovely Shea & Mango butter to nourish the skin and Arrowroot powder to keep your armpits dry! For every body we have a suitable natural deodorant, sensitive skin or not we've got you covered. To give you a clear overview we have created a list of the features of the different deodorants. 

Normal natural deodorant:

+ For normal skin

+ For normal to heavy sweat odor, or during workouts

+ Consists of the powerful natrium biocarbonaat and zinc oxide 

+ Aluminium free

+ No antiperspirant, so the body can release the body toxins

Sensitive natural deodorant:

+ For sensitive skin

+ For light to normal sweat odor

+ Without natrium biocarbonaat

+ Aluminium Free

+ No yellow stains

Extra tips

Switching from a conventional deodorant/ antiperspirant to a natural deodorant can be an adventure. We have been there and have all the tips for you so you will become an even bigger fan of natural deodorant than we already are!

Firstly always apply natural deodorant to clean dry skin and do not use it on damaged irritated skin. Another tip from us to you is to not apply the deodorant directly onto your armpits after shaving them. Your skin needs time to heal from shaving and when you apply the deodorant to the unhealed skin it can cause irritations. Something you definitely don't want! For example shave in the evening and apply the deodorant the next morning. At last it's nice to wash your armpits with some water or a moist towel before going to bed. This way you wash off the deodorant and bacteria before a nice 8 hour nap. This way you minimise the chance of irritation during the night.  

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