Natural deodorant, aluminium free deodorant, deodorant, sensitive deodorant, nourished daily.

Natural deodorant: your new best friend!

Natural deodorant: your new best friend!

It is a huge challenge, finding a natural deodorant that works for you. We know, believe us! We have searched the globe and years ago we did find what we liked and worked for us. The truth is; we are stinky girls. We wish we could say it is otherwise but when we don't use deodorant we can smell ourselves. When we started Nourished Daily our dream was to develop a natural deodorant that would be as good as the one we were using but then in a stick or tube. 

So.... we went to the drawing board and started playing with formulations, trialling and testing, trialling and testing. We did not do this just by ourselves, we involved our parents, friends, people at the office and anyone else who wanted to be a quinny pig. And then the moment was there, we created two different formulations.

Our natural deodorant winners: 

  • a sensitive deodorant without bakingsoda or bicarb, which is aluminium free, vegan and cruelty free. The sensitive skin deodorant comes in the scent Early Spring and is formulated with shea butter and mango seed butter. The arrowroot powder in this deodorant keeps you fresh & dry. Our sensitive deodorant comes in a tube which makes applying very easy. 

  • a regular natural deodorant made with nourishing ingredients like Coconut Oil, Shea Butter and Oat Kernel Oil. This deodorant is also aluminium free, vegan and cruelty free and comes in a convenient stick. The original scent called Chai Spice will surprise you and keep you fresh all day! Bakingsoda, Zinc Oxide and Arrowroot will keep you dry & fresh all day. 

Do you want to know more about the differences between our sensitive and regular deodorant and when you should choose which deodorant? Read this blog: What is the difference between sensitive and normal natural deodorant. 

Why make the switch to a natural, aluminium free deodorant? 

In mainstream deodorant aluminium is still one of the most used active ingredients because it blocks your sweat glands which stops you from sweating. This is an amazing effect of course, but the long term health effects around this ingredient are the biggest concern. Research has shown that when you use products with aluminium compounds on a regular base the element can be absorbed through the skin into the body. Deodorant is applied near your breast and this can possibly disrupt hormones and can cause in the worst case an increased chance of breast cancer. The research also speaks about Alzheimer's disease & impaired kidney function. A direct relationship is yet to be proven, but there is an indirect link showing in the literature. For us this is enough to make the switch, because it is SO easy these days!


Natural deodorant, aluminium free deodorant, deodorant, sensitive deodorant, nourished daily.

A natural deodorant for every body, every day

It doesn't matter if you are a man, woman, non-binary, young, old, grown-up or teenager, the Nourished Daily deodorants have got you covered. Our deodorants are developed with a scent that is appealing to all sexes and can be used with all skin types. 

We know it is a scary thing to switch this bathroom staple, but we have the social proof to convince you. Read some of our raving reviews to blow your mind: 

A new refreshing deo that also smells good! In the beginning you might have to get used to it, but after a while you don't want any other deo anymore. The rotating function of the stick works easy and it also lasts a very long time. Highly recommended! - L. Jeunink 

This is my new favourite deodorant. The scent is really super nice and not comparable to other deodorants. When applying the deo it also feels a bit cold which is immediately refreshing on the skin. The effectiveness is really great, which makes me feel fresh and smelling good for a long time. - Cynthia 

This deodorant is the best working natural deodorant I have ever used. Works well without irritation and smells great. Even after a long day. - T. Dormaar 

Still not sure? Please don't hesitate to contact us on our web chat, via email or insta dm @nourisheddaily_ 


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