The reasons why you and your skin LOVE coffee

The reasons why you and your skin LOVE coffee

The reasons why you and your skin LOVES coffee

All coffee lovers gather round, because we have a really fun story for all our coffee fans among us! Will you go for a black coffee, a cloud-like latte, a comfortable cappuccino, a strong espresso or still prefer a filter coffee with a little milk? It doesn't matter because every kind of coffee not only makes you happy but also our skin gets overjoyed by coffee. This is THE new superfood for your skin and is a big trend in the skincare world. We take you through and tell you all about this powerful ingredient. 

The 5 reasons why your skin LOVES coffee:

UV protection 

Caffeine has been shown to have protective benefits against cellular oxidation from UV damage. Given that ~80% of the early signs of ageing are contributed to by damage from time spent in the sun, it looks like coffee is just as essential in our skincare routines as sunscreen. Woohooooo!!  

Less wrinkles

Maintain youthful skin by adding coffee to your skincare routine. Research has shown that using a small amount of spent coffee grounds on our skin can significantly reduce UVB-induced wrinkles.  This study also showed over 35% decrease in the wrinkle area compared to the control group. This study was performed on mice but gives an excellent indication as to the positive benefits of coffee for human skin. 

Increased collagen 

From the age of 23, the production of collagen within our bodies declines sharply, resulting in fragile and sagging skin. This decline process happens naturally and happens with time, but a number of other factors in our daily lives can also cause this collagen decline to accelerate. You can think of oxidative-stress, too much sun exposure and harmful exhaust fumes. The good news is that we can improve our collagen levels naturally with a good quality collagen supplement.  

The other good news is that when we apply coffee to our skin, it suppresses the effect of UV on the degradation of our collagen. In fact, it has been shown that people who apply coffee to their skin have around 40% more Type 1 collagen (the best type for our skin) when compared to the control group. This is great news and means that coffee based skin care can assist us towards stronger, firmer, plumper & more youthful skin. 


Picture via: La Jeu Coffee 

More hydrated skin

Whilst most of us know that drinking coffee can have a diuretic effect - meaning we lose water from our body. Applying caffeine to our skin has been shown to reduce epidermal thickness (the top layer of our skin) by 40% which resulted in a significant reduction in transdermal water loss by 27% and a whopping 48% reduction in skin redness that can result from UVB exposure. What a wonderful side-effect, that more hydrated skin can come from caffeine.  

Less cellulite

Say bye-bye to cellulite by adding coffee to your skincare. Caffeine is the perfect active ingredient to reduce cellulite, since it prevents excessive accumulation of fat in cells. This magical wonder also stimulates the degradation of fat by enhancing the natural metabolic pathway that breaks down fats.  

Want some caffeine in your daily skin care routine? 

The Nourished Daily Coffee Scrub Cleanse Bar is your go-to daily coffee skincare product for your entire body. This cleansing scrub & soap bar is powered with upcycled coffee grounds and complemented with Shea Butter, Rhassoul Clay & Olive Oil for smooth, radiant & youthful looking skin. Keep it within close reach in the shower and use it with joy!   



Read more about the benefits of using a solid cleansing soap bar. 

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