Nourished Daily Body Wash, Body Lotion, Body Scrub.

A complete nourishing body ritual

A complete nourishing body ritual

...with only three of your favourite products. We have got you covered with your daily body care ritual. Taking care of yourself and your skin should be effortless, smooth and easy. To accomplish this you need 3 body essentials in your life. 


Look forward to your daily shower ritual with the effective but gentle daily body wash. The signature Nourished Daily scent will give you that fresh feeling under the shower, the gel-like structure slides smooth over your skin and ingredients like acerola fruit and cucumber will calm the skin. 


Exfoliation is not an essential step in most people's daily body routine, although it's a nice extra step to add to your washing ritual every 4 days. In summer, when using sunscreen we recommend to exfoliate every day or every other day. This way you can really clean your skin from the natural sunscreen layer that sits on top of the skin. 

The Nourished Daily face + body scrub can be used from top till toes and is gentle enough for delicate skin. The grains in this scrub are made from ultra fine almond shell powder to smooth your skin. Shea butter and avocado oil give this scrub a non-drying, super hydrating feeling. Cucumber, green tea & papaya soothe the skin and give that extra enzyme exfoliation. 


The last step in your body routine is lathering yourself with our Daily Body Lotion. A lotion that is easy to spread over the skin of each person in your family. Enjoy soft, smooth skin after applying. The non-sticky formulation is light enough for summer days and protects your skin in those colder months. Avocado, olive and sweet almond oil deeply moisturise and protect your skin. Australian Kakadu plum and acerola give that welcome vitamin C boost whilst oat kernel oil repairs and strengthens the skin barrier. 

Are you ready to build out your Nourished Daily skincare routine? A natural deodorant is a great next step. 

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