Introducing ND ambassador: Sigy Kops

Introducing ND ambassador: Sigy Kops

Introducing ND ambassador: Sigy Kops

Sigy Kops is the name of an artist, if you ask us, and that is what she is; a woman to admire. Sigy works as a very talented photographer, has her own studio that she rents out and has a family of (almost) 3 together with her boyfriend Tom. For Nourished Daily we interviewed Sigy about her life, her goals and her skincare journey. 

We are enjoying your beautiful photo's, what do you love the most about your work?

"It is often said that you should choose one niche market in your photography work, but I actually like that I have different disciplines. I have my own studio and really enjoy the shoots I do there, but I also enjoy attending weddings and I also enjoy the branding projects I do. This makes my work exciting. It's all different and I love that variety."

My problem is that I like everything. 

I would say that this is your strength then, and it's amazing that you have been able to create so much variety in your work. You have one son now, Dean, and soon you will give birth to twins. How does that feel? Is it scary or are you cool and calm?

"I'm very much like: 'yes, it will be fine' and sometimes I have one of those moments... yes Sig; there are 2 of them coming! Then I have a bit of a mild panic, but I am quite down to earth. I have enough help from family and friends, it feels like we have to have one year where we have all hands on deck and after that year everything is possible again."

Tell us a little bit more about your beauty routine, I think you are the natural kind of girl am I correct? 

"Absolutely [laughs], I don't wear a lot of makeup. When I wear makeup I usually do my brows and a little bit of mascara. I could do with a little bit of a tan at the moment, so I cannot wait until the sun start shining again."

I feel you! I also can't wait to have that natural, sun kissed glow again. So natural is your brand? 


How about your skincare routine? 

"I am very minimalistic there as well, I use a cleanser, daycreme and I have an oil. That's it, I wash my hair once a week."

Well, that's what Nourished Daily is also developed for, products that are simple but effective, products that you can share with everyone in your family, so Tom can also use the day cream and you can use the Body Wash for Dean and the twins. 

JA, Dean is crazy about the Nourished Daily Body Wash. 

"He starts to talk now and when I arrive with that bottle he says 'a little more'! I was a bit afraid to wash Dean with it, he suffers a lot from eczema & red spots, but then I read the ingredients and thought that should be fine. It really affects him to an extreme degree, so we are testing for food allergies. I even make my own laundry detergent now."

Such good news that he had not experienced problems with the Nourished Daily products. What is your favourite product? 

"Yes, I was thinking about it and I think about it's the deo, it smells so good too. And I usually find natural deodorants a bit like 'goat's wool socks' as we say in Dutch. By the way, I really think that about all the products, they smell so good. Natural, but to me it smells like spring, sun, fresh and not to strong.

Tom, Sigy her boyfriend walk into the room and says Hi! He also ads: the deodorant that I use form you is much better than the natural deodorant I was using. So thanks for that. I am very happy about the scent and I have been using the body scrub and moisturiser as well. 

We are very happy with the brand you created."

If you could add something to the Nourished Daily collection what would it be for you? 

"That is easy, I would really like a very simple oil for my face. And I would like to add that the design of the packaging is also very well thought of. The eggshell colour really ads to the luxury feeling."

Thank you so much Sigy, we have put our soul into this brand. Ending this lovely catch up with you with a question about you. You have a very special year coming up, any dreams you would like to share with us? 

"I would really like to continue with what I am doing now, after 6 years of entrepreneurship I really feel that I am on a good path. Nice customers, good money coming in, I have tried to find my flow the first years and now it works. I would still like to do a wedding in Australia. I still have some big, cool ideas, but I also told myself: first one thing and then another. Now focus on giving birth and then back to my business."

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